Navigating and Printing from this Site
This webpage uses frames to help you navigate easily and find the information you're looking for fast. If you are unfamiliar with frames you may have some difficulty printing or navigating. Here are some answers to potential problems:

How do I move around the site?
The Quaqua webpage is divided into general headings at the topmost portion of the screen. When you click on a topic, it will change only the topic list at the left side of your browser window. The main categories will remain available in the top frame, and whatever you have loaded into the main frame (the larger area to the right) will remain. This will allow you to search for new menu information without getting rid of the document you have been reading.

Can I bookmark a specific page?
When you tell your browser to add a bookmark to the Quaqua website, it points to main frameset, not the particular document you have called up into the lower right frame. To place a bookmark to a specific document, try the following: right-click (windows) or click & hold (Macintosh) on the page and select the option to "open frame in new window" or "add to favorites." Then use your browser's menu as necessary to bookmark the frame. Your bookmark will subsequently take you only to that individual document, without the top or left menus.

One of the links does not work!
Sometimes a linked source is in Adobe Acrobat -- and will not load unless your computer has Adobe Acrobat loaded onto it. Sometimes the link does not work because the source server is down or temporarily overwhelmed with viewer traffic. Sometimes Quaqua's site is slowed by heavy viewer traffic. Finally, although Quaqua regularly monitors its links, web addresses sometimes change. In this latter instance, please report an orphan link to us.

How do I print from this page?
Different web browsers print frames in different ways. You may find that telling your browser to print just prints a copy of the menu, or prints only what you see onscreen at that moment. Most browsers are set to print the frame in which you last clicked. Therefore, to print a document from the Quaqua website just click your mouse somewhere over the frame of what you want to print, then select print from your browser's pulldown menu.

Some browsers may be set up to print a screenshot of what you see on screen and nothing more. To work around this you can open the frame you want to print in another window by right-clicking (windows) or click-holding (Macintosh) over the frame you want to print and choosing "open in a new browser window." This will open the document in a non-framed window. Then you can simply print the document from that window.

The web page doesn't look right!
If you are having trouble viewing the Quaqua page you may need to change the size of your browser window or the font size you are using. Some large fonts can distort the page and put some menu items out of view. Other viewing problems may be related to the settings you have chosen in your browser's preferences. Try changing your settings to the default. Some very old browsers may not be able to display frames. If you are using a very old browser you should update your browser to view the Quaqua page.

I can't view the award applications!
The Application & Instruction forms are in Adobe Acrobat format (using the extension .pdf), a file type that allows you to print out forms that look identical regardless of where you download them or what kind of computer or browser you are using. The Quaqua Society has provided a link to download an internet plugin that will allow you to either view and print .PDF files from your browser or from a helper program. If you are unable to utilize the plugin, you can still download and save the file to a disk and print the form at a copy shop or internet cafe. Some other programs on your computer may also be able to open Adobe Acrobat files.

How can I get the individual addresses for the sites accessed through the links on the Quaqua site?
Place your cursor directly on the link of interest. For most computers, the underlying address will instantaneously appear at the bottom left of the internet browser frame.

Some of the linked pages "explode" onto the full screen and then "snag" me so that I can't surf back to Quaqua's site or other websites!
An "explode-and-snag" happens because of code planted in the linked site, not code in Quaqua's site. Some webmasters deliberately add this feature because they believe the tactic will gain and hold a web surfer's attention more effectively. Quaqua does not "explode-and-snag" with its site, because we believe the practice annoys surfers and deters both potential linkers and potential repeat viewers. We also make an effort to render fair attribution to material reached through our website links.

Sometimes an "explode-and-snag" can be overcome by using rapid multiple clicks of the return-surf arrow in the upper-left-hand corner of the frame. If that is unsuccessful, the downward arrow on the upper-right-hand corner of the frame can usually be clicked to access a pull-down bar that will allow you to retrieve and re-enter the temporarily archived address. If that fails, you may need to re-enter the Quaqua address manually, or, depending upon the sophistication of the "snag," open an entirely new window and start your surfing from scratch. The "refresh" button can also be a useful tool in these situations.

If you feel annoyed or inconvenienced by an "explode-and-snag," please contact the webmaster of the relevant linked site, not Quaqua.

Some of the linked pages have "pop-up" ads that appear as extra windows, and they are a hassle to close!
An "pop-up" ad occurs because of code planted in the linked site, not code in Quaqua's site. Quaqua does not currently use any "pop-up" ads. If you feel annoyed or inconvenienced by a "pop-up" ad, please contact the webmaster of the relevant linked site, not Quaqua.

The page never stops loading!
If you have a very slow Internet connection or an old computer, you may find that the page never finishes loading, or that portions of the page never finish loading. You can improve performance by turning images off in the preferences of your browser. You may be also be able to view the site anyway by clicking the "stop" button on your browser 20-30 seconds after you begin downloading.