Prominent Graduates of Home Education *
Graduates of home education have made numerous crucial contributions to America and the world. Some of the many prominent people of the past who were home-educated for a significant period of time include:

Ansel Adams

First Lady Abigail Adams

President John Quincy Adams

Louisa May Alcott

Hans Christian Anderson

Susan B. Anthony

Alexander Graham Bell

William Jennings Bryan

President James Buchanan

Pearl Buck

William F. Buckley

Andrew Carnegie

George Washington Carver

Charles Chaplin

Agatha Christie

Winston Churchill

Samuel Clemens

Pierre Curie

Charles Dickens

Thomas Edison

Albert Einstein

President Millard Fillmore

Benjamin Franklin

Robert Frost

Alexander Hamilton

President William Henry Harrison

Patrick Henry

Hephzibah Manuhin Hauser

Justice Robert Jackson

President Thomas Jefferson

President Andrew Johnson

C.S. Lewis

President Abraham Lincoln

General Douglas MacArthur

President James Madison

George Mason

Cyrus McCormick

Tamara McKinney

Margaret Mead

Yehudi Menuhin

John Stuart Mill

Claude Monet

Florence Nightingale

General George Patton

Beatrix Potter

President Franklin D. Roosevelt

President Theodore Roosevelt

Bertrand Russell

George Bernard Shaw

Albert Schweitzer

President Zachary Taylor

Frank Vandiver

Mercy Warren

Booker T. Washington

President George Washington

First Lady Martha Washington

John Wesley

Phyllis Wheatley

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Serena & Venus Williams

President Woodrow Wilson

Orville & Wilbur Wright

Andrew & Jamie Wyeth

Brigham Young

*   This list was collected from a variety of sources, but the single two largest sources of names were John W. Whitehead and Wendell R. Bird, Home Education and Constitutional Liberties: The Historical and Constitutional Arguments in Support of Home Instruction 23-24 (Westchester, IL: Crossway Books, 1984), and Daniel E. Witte, Comment, People v. Bennett: Analytic Approaches To Recognizing A Fundamental Parental Right Under The Ninth Amendment, 1996 B.Y.U. L.R. 183, 225 n. 179.

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