Index of Quaqua Legal and Historical Pages
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Alternative Education

Benjamin Franklin -- Practical Wise Man


Consent of Parents to Send Child Out of State Act

Core Civil Liberties Essential to Alternative Education

Creature of the State

Education and Care in Communist Romania

Education in Ba'ath Socialist Iraq

Education in Fascist Italy

Education in Imperial Japan

Education in National Socialist Germany

Education in the Ottoman Empire

Educational Policy in the Communist Manifesto

Efficient Allocation of Resources

Elijah Award

English "Poor Laws"

Eugenics Movement

Evolution and Dissemination of the Parental Liberty Doctrine

Fontain v. Ravenel, 58 U.S. 369 (1854)

Fundamental Right to Direct the Upbringing of One's Child

Gallery of Legal Precedent

Gatto Remarks Accepting Elijah Award

Gatto Teacher of the Year Acceptance Speech

Getting a Grip on National Service, 1998 B.Y.U. L. Rev. 741 (Daniel E. Witte, Comment, Getting a Grip on National Service: Key Organizational Features and Strategic Characteristics of the National Service Corps (Americorps), 1998 B.Y.U. L. Rev. 741.)

Habeas Corpus Protection of Parental Liberty


History of Alternative Education in the United States

History of the Quaqua Society

Index of Quaqua Legal and Historical Pages

In Loco Parentis

In re J.P., 648 P.2d 1364 (Utah 1982)

Jacksonian Paradigm: Treaty of New Echota

Jeffersonian Education

Judicial Diversity

Konrad and Others against Germany, Application No. 35504/03, European Court of Human Rights (Fifth Section), (Sep. 11, 2006)

Legal Resources

Madisonian Explanation of Educational History

Madison's Large Republic Theory

Madison's Public Information Theory

Massachusetts Bay Colony

Miller Amendment, House Resolution 6 of 1994

Minimum Standards

Missouri Extermination Order

Narrow Tailoring

Northwest Ordinance

Parens Patriae

People v. Bennett, Analytic Approaches, 1996 B.Y.U. L. Rev. 183 (Daniel E. Witte, Comment, People v. Bennett: Analytic Approaches To Recognizing A Fundamental Parental Right Under The Ninth Amendment, 1996 B.Y.U. L.R. 183.)

Plato's Ideal Commonwealth

Privacy for Alternative Educators

Privilege and Procedure

Prominent Graduates of Home Education

Purpose of the Quaqua Society

Road to Wisconsin v. Yoder

Roman Empire Code of Civil Law

State v. Hoyt, 146 A. 170 (N.H. 1929)

Systemic Civic Dysfunctions

Thirteenth Amendment

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

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